2016 Vintage Port

2016 Vintage Port

2016 has produced a very beautiful Port vintage. In style the wines combine power with fine harmony. These are seamless, richly structured and densely concentrated young wines that are kept in check by lovely, fresh acidity. Elegant and long flavoured, these young Ports have a very bright future.

In this hot and dusty wine region, water played a hugely important role in the final quality of the best wines, as Paul Symington, MD of Symington Ports, explained: ‘The key to our extraordinary 2016 Vintage Ports was a really wet winter followed by a wet spring. The latter was tricky and required careful attention. A very hot summer bought on fine maturity but the great years in the Douro require some refreshing rain prior to picking. Many rushed to pick in late August, but we could see that some rain was forecast for mid September, so we held off. Sure enough, the rain came on the 12th and 13th and we picked our best grapes from the 26th, one of the latest harvesting dates for some years. A combination of the timely rain and the risky decision to delay picking, leading to longer time on the vine for the grapes, has produced our beautifully balanced Vintage Ports.’

Quantities are significantly lower than a normal crop, due in part to the tricky flowering conditions during the damp spring. Allocations are sparse and demand is likely to be strong, so please do not delay confirming your requirements. For certain wines, we have small quantities of magnums and tappit hens (225cl bottles) available – please enquire.

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