Domaine Seguin-Manuel, Beaune

Domaine Seguin-Manuel, Beaune

Seguin-Manuel was founded in 1824, however its links with Burgundy vineyards date back as far as 1720. More recently, the business was bought by Thibaut Marion, who comes from an old Beaune family. We first tasted his wines when the firm was still based in Savigny, in a 14th century vat-house with splendid, vaulted cellars which had been built by the Abbey of Cîteaux. On the outside wall could be seen one of the Latin inscriptions for which Savigny is famous: “If my memory serves me right, there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a guest, present and future thirst, the quality of the wines and any other reason you like – 1772.”

Thibaut has expanded the estate to 8.5 hectares, fine-tuned the wine-making, and moved to Beaune. 2019 is the 10th vintage when we have made careful choices, this year finding 8 wines, including a white, from the nearly 30 appellations he makes. Thibaut’s drive for increased quality and focus has again brought superb results, and these wines remain superb value. There are more than five reasons for adding a Thibaut wine to your stocks.

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