Domaine Decelle & Fils, Nuits-Saint-Georges


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Domaine Decelle & Fils, Nuits-Saint-Georges

Here, 85% of the wines come from their own Domaine, which now covers 7 hectares, mainly in the northern Côte de Beaune. We have championed winemaker Jean Lupatelli’s work here over the last 7 vintages, and wish him well in his new post as winemaker at Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé. His philosophy has again guided the style of this 2020 vintage at Decelle & Fils, for which he was responsible until Spring 2021: “harvest with our own team; be very careful on the picking dates; retain whole berries where possible; intervene at a minimum; be delicate with extractions. Our aim is to avoid masking fruitiness with new oak aromas, while renewing our barrel-stocks over 3-4 years. We let the wines run by gravity into barrels – where there may be 50% new oak, for a famous appellation, and 20-30%, or less, for others. As soon as we acquired vineyard plots, we converted them to organic cultivation, now certified by Ecocert. All picking is by hand, and only native yeasts are used.”

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