Château de Bousval, Jardins de Wallonie

Château de Bousval, Jardins de Wallonie

It is with great excitement that we launch into the UK arena Château de Bousval’s thrilling, biodynamic wines from Belgium`s Jardins de Wallonie. The property was the genesis of nature lover, Michel Verhaeghe de Naeyer, who, a decade ago, wanted to breathe life into 5 hectares of abandoned fields. He saw the potential for vineyards in an area once deemed to be too cool for vines – lying further north than Champagne. The first vines were planted in 2014, an environmentally-friendly approach being key:

“Wine doesn`t just taste of its native land; it radiates the way in which it has been cultivated,” says Michel. “This is not a heritage wine; it is a burgeoning wine. It is the result of an alchemy between the young vine and the Belgian sun, myriad flora and fauna, and the micro-organisms found in the Bousval soil.”

Showcasing the property’s outstanding 2019 Chardonnay Gouttes d’O and Pinot Gris Petit Gris, both coming in at natural alcohol levels of 12%, these are exceptional examples of cool climate whites, made perfectly in tune with nature.

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Masthead photograph by Leopold Amory – supplied by Ch de Bousval

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