Domaine François Raveneau

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Domaine François Raveneau

Beautiful 2015 Vintage Chablis

Domaine François Raveneau has been at the pinnacle of quality in Chablis for many decades. The Raveneau wines are characterised by finesse and intense minerality that will give pleasure when young but have the potential to age magnificently.

The 2015 Growing Season

2015 is a year of small yields at Raveneau, thanks to a dramatic hailstorm right at the end of the growing season (the night of 31st August / 1st September). Sweeping across the region in a narrow band, some vineyards were mercifully untouched; however the vineyards of Montée de Tonnerre, Blanchot and Clos were devastated, with golf ball-sized hailstones reducing the quantity of grapes by up to 50%. The moisture that this storm brought was welcome, however, as the summer had been warm and dry, and this gave any undamaged vines a final refresher to push their grapes to optimal ripeness before harvest. Even prior to the storm, picking had been scheduled to start early, on 3rd September. The order in which the vineyards were harvested was impacted by the storm, with the grapes from damaged vines being prioritised to ensure health and quality.

The Style of the 2015 Wines

The beautiful, warm summer of 2015 has given wines here that are already attractive and aromatically complex, having intense power of flavours balanced by fresh acidities. They are elegant, finely textured wines that will give enormous pleasure in the not-too-distant future (to be drunk before your 2014s, we suggest). The Petit Chablis and village Chablis are open and expressive now and may be enjoyed as soon as shipped. As is often the case, the grander wines will benefit from cellaring, to allow their full complexities to emerge.

Buying the Raveneau Wines

These wines are offered duty paid per case as indicated, inclusive of VAT. Given the very limited availability, please let us know your requests as soon as possible. When making our allocations, preference will be given to loyal HH&C customers who buy throughout the year. Allocations will be confirmed by 16th October 2017, the wines being available for delivery in October / November.

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