2017 Rhône En Primeur

2017 Rhône En Primeur

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2017 is superb vintage in the Rhône, from north to south. We found wines of great balance and harmony, with intense ripeness and wonderfully vibrant freshness. There is more concentration and depth than 2016 and better harmony than 2015, both top vintages in their own right.

In the south quantities are severely reduced in 2017, by as much as 50%. A combination of coulure during flowering and a long dry summer left fewer berries that were small, with thick skins and concentrated juice. The coulure particularly affected the Grenache vines, which has resulted in higher proportions of Syrah, Mourvèdre and other varieties in the blends than normal. The resulting yields were tiny, but have produced wines of great beauty.

The northern Rhône faired much better with only Condrieu being badly affected by coulure and isolated hail storms hitting parts of Saint-Joseph. In general, following an early flowering, summer conditions were perfect, leading to an early harvest of healthy grapes in ideal conditions.

We heartily recommend this vintage for early drinking, bright, fruity styles and for splendid, concentrated wines for mid-long term cellaring.

These wines are offered in bond UK, for delivery during 2019.

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