2022 Burgundy En Primeur

2022 Burgundy En Primeur

A Magnificent Vintage

With most prices held – and many reductions – in today’s more
stable Burgundy market

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The Style of the 2022 Wines & a Note on Prices

There is a thrilling variety of styles in 2022, with varied potentials for early and mid-term drinking, and many great wines for laying down. Without doubt, this is an excellent vintage for both reds and whites, a leading characteristic being radiant clarity of fruit. They display the richness, ripeness and charm of a warm, sunny growing season, but also have energy, fine structures and freshness.

Crucially, good volumes were also produced in 2022, bringing a welcome stability to prices. Coming after the greatly reduced harvest that many experienced in 2021, we are delighted to have been able to hold – and also bring down – the prices of most wines across this offer.

The 2022 Growing Season and Harvest

Spring came early to Burgundy vineyards in 2022, but thankfully there was virtually no frost damage in April. The flowering went through well in May, in sunny, dry weather, allowing growers to think about an early harvest. July then broke the records for sunshine, and August continued hot and dry. Fortunately, there had been plentiful rain in mid-late June, and the accumulated water reserves allowed grape maturation to proceed apace during the summer, without the blockages which are to be feared in very dry, hot summers. Young plantations suffered, but mature vineyards thrived. There was no succession of very hot nights, so balance between sugars and acidities could be maintained, while grape-skins and tannins ripened. Picking started in many villages at the end of August, and went through in excellent conditions.


Several of the wines in this offer are made in very small quantities and we anticipate that demand may exceed availability. With this in mind, a number of these 2022s are not available to order online. To enable us to make the fairest allocations, please contact us with your requests as soon as possible. When making our allocations, preference will be given to loyal HH&C customers who buy a wide spread of our wines throughout the year

All wines are offered in bond UK, for delivery during 2024.

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