2022 Rhône En Primeur

2022 Rhône En Primeur

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2022 has given superb wines from our growers in the Rhône Valley. Despite being a growing season marked by heat and drought, the results do not show excesses, nor are they lacking in freshness or finesse. We enthusiastically recommend this vintage, from a region that continues to offer outstanding quality and value.

Vigilant vineyard work and late summer rainfall were essential to achieve fine balance in these wines. Half the average rainfall was recorded in the Southern Rhône in 2022 (just 300mm), with record temperatures across the valley in May. It was essential to control weeds that might compete for precious water. Grape development slowed down considerably over the summer, but just in time, light rains arrived – mid-August in the north, early September in the south. These roused the vines, allowing grapes to ripen fully, ahead of harvest.

Choice of picking date, as ever, played a crucial role. “Early picking of the whites was critical, to have balance of fresh fruit and acidity, without high potential alcohols,” Stéphane Ogier told us. He continued: “for the reds, it was important not to rush, but to monitor each plot precisely.” Unsurprisingly, grapes were small and tightly concentrated.

The results are impressive, especially for reds, which have excellent depth, pure fruit and fine tannins, without being over-powerful or warm. For whites, we offer a small number of very fine Viogniers, which have beautiful perfumes and sufficient balancing freshness.

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