Limited Offer

We launch our 2018 MoneyWeek Wine Club with a visit to one of the UK’s most quietly influential wine merchants. Haynes Hanson & Clark goes about its business with little fanfare and bluster. This company is expert in many fields, but it is the authenticity, accuracy and value for money which they imbue in all of their discoveries which impresses me most. I first found this merchant a quarter of a century ago when I was in search of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Loire for my own cellar.

I have bought countless cases ever since and, from a punter’s point of view, let alone as a wine writer, they could not be more helpful.
With a classical bent, and a fondness for wine which are built around a core of acidity and freshness, with overt fruit ripeness and over-zealous use oak thankfully absent from their list of requirements, all of the wines from HHC show elegance, poise and refinement.

I have no doubt that you will embrace these wines with wide-eyed excitement and gustatory pleasure.