Domaine François Raveneau

Our relationship with Domaine Raveneau began in the late 1960s. A young Anthony Hanson, having so enjoyed a half bottle of their Chapelot 1961 in a local restaurant, tracked down the Domaine, knocked on the door and bought bottles from François Raveneau for home drinking. It was the start of a relationship that has continued through three Raveneau generations, during which time we have imported more than 40 vintages (1980 being our first). The Domaine is at the very pinnacle of quality in Chablis; the wines are characterised by finesse and intense minerality that will give pleasure when young but have the potential to age magnificently. The domaine was created in 1948 when François Raveneau consolidated his holdings with his wife’s family vineyard parcels. Today, François’ sons, Bernard and Jean-Marie, run the 10 hectare domaine, which includes three Grand Cru vineyards (Blanchot, Les Clos, and Valmur) and six Premier Crus (Montée de Tonnerre, Les Vaillons, Butteaux, Chapelot, Mont-Mains, and Forêt). Bernard’s daughter, Isabelle, joined the domaine in 2010 and is now largely responsible for the winemaking. Her cousin, Maxime, manages the vineyards since joining in 2017. Their fathers have now officially retired, but continue to be actively involved.

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