Olivier Leflaive "Récolte du Domaine"

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<p>We are thrilled to have been offering the rare treasures from Patrick and Olivier Leflaive’s ‘Récolte du Domaine’ since the brothers launched this venture with the 2010 vintage. These wines are from vineyards they own, which were previously part of the family’s Domaine Leflaive. In previous years, Olivier Leflaive was co-manager of Domaine Leflaive with his uncle Vincent for 8 years, and for 4 years with his cousin Anne-Claude.</p> <p>Since winter 2009/2010, there has been an uninterrupted, natural continuation of Domaine Leflaive’s biodynamic vineyard cultivation methods in these vineyards, many of which date back to the 1950s and 1960s. Old vines naturally give low yields, and these wines are some of the most concentrated, intense and thrillingly harmonious of all white Burgundies we know. There is a particular grace, depth of flavour, silky texture and astonishing length in this range that makes the heart skip a beat.</p>

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