2019 Blauburgunder, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Alto Adige

Clayey vineyard in Glen, in the commune of Montan. Sunny days and cool nights. No information given on the winemaking.

Light cherry red. Subtle red fruit on the nose with a very slight rubbery note that I think is just a touch of youthful reduction that will disappear with aeration. Juicy, fresh and lively on the palate. The fruit is deliciously sweet like ripe red cherries but the wine is dry. Very easy to drink, and made with a light touch so that the tannins are as gentle as the fruit is sweet. Just a touch of spice on the finish. GV at the reduced case price. I actually prefer this to their rather more ‘worked’ and extracted Mazon Pinot. Lots of fruity pleasure and freshness.

Julia Harding in www.jancisrobinson.com, 27th July 2020
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