Gatinois Brut Tradition, Grand Cru Aÿ NV

I can remember sitting next to the venerable Madame Gatinois at a Bollinger Vins Clairs Assemblage lunch many, many years ago. This prestigious, annual event is held to thank those grape growers who contribute to Bollinger’s own harvest and it forms the basis for blending the wines which will appear on the market in years to come. Gatinois is based in the great village of Aÿ, just down the road from Bolly, and they own 7.5 hectares of epic Pinot Noir vines, most of which they sell to Bollinger. Madame Gatinois was seated to the right of Ghislain de Montgolfier, the Bollinger boss at the time, so she was clearly the most important person in the room, underlining the calibre of her fruit. Gatinois keeps a small proportion of its grapes to release under its own label and, today, tiny quantities of wine are made by Louis Cheval-Gatinois. The blend is, not surprisingly, made from 90% Pinot Noir with the balance being Chardonnay. While it is a ‘white’ Champagne, this wine cannot fail to pick up some pigment from its regal Pinot Noir skins and it wears a curiously fascinating amber/gold hue. The nose and flavour are about as impressive as it gets and bear in mind that this little-known House’s wines are extraordinarily under-priced. Ignore this and please do take the plunge – this is a stellar Champagne and it is made from perfect ingredients. I love it more than a great many of the most revered wines from the famous Grandes Marques Houses!

Matthew Jukes in MoneyWeek, 27th Mar 2020
£423.00 per case
(£35.25 per bottle)
Save 11% on a case of 12 bottles
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