Scorpo Estate, Mornington Peninsula

Please welcome Scorpo wines to our shores! I have known Paul and Caroline Scorpo and their stunning Mornington Peninsula wines for well over a decade… An expert in these two Burgundian varieties, Scorpo wines are sensual, balanced, graceful and detailed and I am over the moon that they are now available in the UK thanks to the finely-tuned palates at Haynes Hanson & Clark.

2018 Scorpo Aubaine Chardonnay

Goodness me this is a sensational wine and it is amazing that we can buy an elite-level Chardonnay, from the other side of the world, for the same price as a cheeky Mâcon Blanc. This superb wine is a thrilling amalgam of chilly acidity coupled with hints of dazzling sunshine… With faint greengage and pineapple husk hints over a raw citrus pith core, it’s like a Saint-Aubin Blanc was given a jolt of electricity to wake it from its slumber! …

2019 Scorpo Noirien Pinot Noir

… Pale in colour, bursting with wild cherry and rosehip notes, this is a keen-edged, refreshing and extraordinarily rewarding wine and it, like its Aubaine Sibling, shows that you can find amazing value, even in the chichi surrounds of Mornington, if you work extremely hard and keep your standards sky-high. …

2018 Scorpo Estate Pinot Noir

… Controlled and balanced this is a regal Pinot with amazing poise and I would love to hear feedback from drinkers who pitch this, ‘blind’ against mighty Burgundies because I can guarantee that people will be expecting a much loftier price tag and perhaps a very different postcode! …

Matthew Jukes in, 9th Dec 2020
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