Domaine Daniel Dampt & Fils, Chablis

Domaine Daniel Dampt & Fils, Chablis

2016 Burgundy En Primeur

Daniel Dampt and his sons Vincent and Sebastien make pure, intense wines, with the classic minerality of Chablis at their core. Oak casks are never used on their First Growths, allowing the individual character of their Chardonnays, grown on the stony hillsides of Chablis, to be crystal-clear.

2016 is a delightful, good quality vintage in Chablis. The wines show the region’s typicity and personality, following on from the richer style of the 2015s. This is a year where vineyard transparency is very much apparent in the wines. But where quality is high, the same can sadly not be said about quantity. Chez Dampt, spring frost and July hail meant that yields were down 50% across the Domaine. “2016 was a year when we had to spend more time than ever in the vines,” commented Vincent when we visited in November 2017. The family’s vineyard work paid off, as at harvest time, following a warm late summer, grape acidity and ripeness levels were perfectly bal-anced, giving wines that have precise fruit flavours and crisp, bright finishes.

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