Domaine Gayda

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Domaine Gayda is situated in the Languedoc village of Brugairolles, lying in the foothills of the Pyrenees, 25km south-west of Carcassonne. The domaine was orginally built in the mid 18th century as a staging post for travellers. In 2004 friends Tim Ford and Anthony Record purchased the buildings and the surrounding fields, seeing their potential for the growth of high quality vines and wine production. Joined by winemaker Vincent Chansault, they built the winery and restaurant, and converted the farm buildings into luxury accomodation. Whilst the vineyards are firmly rooted in tradition, with organic vineyard management used increasingly across the domaine, the winery is all about innovation. Gayda produces pure, vital wines; key to their beauty is their natural freshness, thanks to vine altitude and captured by astute winemaking.

£67.50 per case
(£11.25 per bottle)
Save 11% on a case of 6 bottles
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